Rental Conditions

The minimum rental period is 24 hours. The daily charge for each additional hour of delivery delay of 1/3 is taken.

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Rental Conditions

The minimum rental period is 24 hours. The daily charge for each additional hour of delivery delay of 1/3 is taken. A full day rate in excess of 3 hours delay is taken. You are not eligible for insurance because of delays in delivery of the vehicle remains outside without knowledge of insurance and automobile circuit. Km daily limit is determined based on the vehicle model. Booking meat that you have lessor Whether you have paid the car's price (Ayhan Rent A Car) has the right to choose the housing that makes any reasons the car hire to hire serbesttir.rezervasyo the person is deemed to have accepted that and understand the car rental conditions

The minimum rental period is 30 days for long-term leases. Special rates apply. For information on rental rates and conditions +90,232,252 42 46. The phone Ayhan Rent a Car you can call the booking office.

Regardless of the cities that received the vehicle lease term if the return in another city one way fee will apply. You can search Ayhan Rent a Car office for one-way fee information.

24 hours a day serving Izmir Airport Rent A Car delivery vehicles at all hours of the day our office and customer vehicles to be delivered free of charge.

24 hours of continuous serving Izmir airport rental office shall not be made from Rent a Car airport service charges.

At least 2 years of individuals who have attained the age of 22 with a valid driver's license can rent a car. The tool is available in luxury obligation to have completed at least 25 years of age can be written in any contract without demanding fees for 2 drivers (parents, siblings, spouses)

Tenants can be used by someone other than the vehicle's driver's license and use age rules but it is possible with the appropriate valid identification and driver's license record contract. If it is determined that recording or otherwise and without registration drive by accident insurance becomes invalid.

Kilometer limit price on the vehicle you have chosen to apply (each additional km € 0.20) when booking your question the right to use unlimited mileage vehicles, including vehicle maintenance costs and insurance group. Fuel, bridges, toll fees, traffic fines and insurance + insurance, KDV one-way fee, car delivery and pick-up fees, additional demands such as baby seats will be added later. Minibus or by including multiple seats of the vehicle seat automobile insurance rates as a function of the offered amount be revised in case of acceptance specified in the Confirmation.
In some cases, the benefit from the insurance guarantees will be invalid and will not enter into insurance, losses
Granted to another person in writing of the name of the intermediary for the lease,
-Financial Intermediaries is used outside of normal usage conditions (vehicle use with high engine temperature, poor road conditions and driving the vehicle on a flat tire, the car filled with the wrong fuel and other similar situations)
-Financial Intermediaries outside the use of traffic rules (exceeding the legal speed limit, switching to a red light and similar events)
Intermediary for the use under the influence of alcohol or drugs,
Damage to the load carried in -Car or to cause accident,
-Financial Intermediaries careless and imprudent use (of the speed of the adjustment made by the rainy weather, road conditions, the minimum safe distance to follow the vehicle in front, and the other provinces are not states)
-As A win or not come until the theft cases reported to the lessor immediately, abandoning the vehicle's crash site (indicated by a doctor's report to be prohibitive except for one case)
-As An accident from relevant authorities within 48 hours of required reports (traffic and alcohol report) to be delivered if the original key,
Pending approval and delivery without the means to the end of the lease term of ramen
Because of cargo transported in the car or on the opposite side of the intermediary for the damage occurs,
We lastin, glass, damage the lights are out of coverage,
-3. the amount of financial compensation arising from damage to third parties is mandatory liability coverage under insurance cover. Guarantees for amounts beyond the borders of the lessor (the customer) is responsible. This insurance coverage, the insurance policy is subject to the rent period the vehicle is limited to registered limits. All legal responsibility over and above that amount (financial, spiritual, physical damage, etc.) belongs to the tenant, Ayhan forced to make a payment on the limits of the policy to rent a car, having the customer recourse.
Driver idaresindeyk which is caused in the accident that occurred damage to the vehicle know that traffic accidents are tainted by the seizure vehicle damage resolved the vehicle's time to be ready to pass until the day business day into the loss of insurance coverage and that day shall be deemed to have accepted the payment in advance through tariff current price.
The occupants will pay medical expenses within the limits of 500 per treatment per person, $ 10,000 for death and permanent disability.
With the car is stolen to pay the insurance money to pay the user arising from job losses in the night time.
3. vehicle property damage is given to individuals under the compulsory motor insurance coverage within the defined limits.
Most 120km in highway traffic laws in Turkey. , 90km intercity roads. In urban and 50km. permitting speed. Follow signs to the park while the parking ban. Failure to comply with traffic laws and be applied to movement arising from the tenant's fault traffic fines and legal responsibility belongs to the tenant. Traffic fines reaching Ayhan rentacar after the car left the tenant and the corresponding amount is reflected as cash or by credit card (mail order) to be charged to the tenant. Regardless of vehicles to pass because of any reason held by the public or local authorities is accepted within the period of contract.

All credit cards are accepted for payment of rental charges accepted. Provision of vehicles to be taken may vary according to the model. In the vehicle or missing customer refunds empty fuel tank fuel surcharge fee, it will be required the addition of service charge. Lessor customers our charters having arranged a credit card in the name of esnans in pre-booking you have made through our istenir.web site brand & model can not be guaranteed at 500-1000 TL relative to the vehicle group from the user's kredikart during confirmation temporary blockage (authorization) is applied .Tesl my hours to 24 hours before typing It is performed without interruption fee refunds for cancellations made within 8 days less than 24 hours before the activity (in less than 24 hours) if the cancellation is made no refunds except for the 1-day rental fee.
Or blocked amount charged as a deposit, the lease expiration, additional services, if the above-mentioned guarantees, fuel, damages, fines and so on. after deducting costs such as found in the book, will be returned to the same card, the block will be removed. Blocked removal varies according to the bank in time is 1-5 days.